Mind Games

As most of you know I live in an active adult 45 yr and older community. Even though my husband and I are on the younger side of that age and not retired, most of the people that live here are retired and over 65. The community has lots of classes to keep everyone active and engaged, from art and computer classes to cards and aerobics.
Today in my aerobics class I got to thinking about mind health and how to keep my mind healthy. My teacher is an awesome instructor. She not only helps us get into shape she works on our minds at the same time. She is the type of person that can pat her head and rub her stomach at the same time. I however am not. During the class she has us work our arms and legs differently at the same time. Arms do one thing and legs do another. Now to a coordinated person this is easy, but to some of us it takes brain power to get and keep it right. She intentionally adds little things to the workout to get our brains working harder. It is a very good workout for body and mind.
Our brain is very efficient and if we keep it in good shape, it works and adapts to things quickly.
There is a game that I play on my IPad called Mahjong Journey. It is a tile matching game. The tiles are very similar with a small difference. The purpose is to match all of the tiles as quickly as possible.

When I first started playing I thought, ‘there is no way I am going to be able to see all these small differences quickly enough to pass a level’, and at first that was the case. But very quickly my brain adapted to the pictures and I was able to easily make the matches. Every few levels the board changes to new character tiles and it takes a few times for my brain to adjust to the changes. I feel like it is a great brain workout, just like the aerobics class. Because our brains adapt so quickly to things though, I think it is important to always challenge ourselves and try new things. This will keep our brains happy and healthy.